Self Care is Vital-
Look Better, Feel Better,
Perform and Live at your Best!

Non-invasive Red Light Therapy (RLT), from our exceptionally advanced Trifecta Light Beds, is backed by thousands of peer-reviewed studies, proving its efficacy. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll find in sessions as short as 30 minutes!

  • Heal at a cellular level
  • Reduce inflammation & pain
  • Lose inches & pounds
  • See skin improvements
  • Improve energy, mental acuity, & more


Dr Melissa Crago of Life Chiropractic Offers Chiropractic Care on Thursdays at Vitality Sol. Click the link below to learn more.

Massage and Other Wellness Offerings

We have a bodywork and healing room in which we have a space for rent to like minded wellness practitioners to compliment red light therapy, and chiropractic care.  Click the link below to see who is available and what their offerings are.