17-day Detox for Skin & Gut Health

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right supplements and dietary choices for a detox on your health journey. We’ve done the research and this is a series of very focused eating, a little juice fasting, and specially designed supplements that will :

  • clear your system of mucus from your sinuses, lungs, and your digestive system
  • relieve allergies, skin congestion, blackheads and blemishes

This 17-day program is a sequence of a  7-day whole-body detox and a 10-day skin-focused cleanse.

Just $200 for supplies and support! 

Jane will guide you through this two-part cleanse from the inside-out that will brighten and tighten and energize you. You’ll enjoy high-quality supplements to round out your nutritional needs and you’ll get regular support via our Whatsapp group.